Hello! I'm Rach

A creative soul, mummy, fresh air lover and a , mess maker, mummy, fresh air lover, and a big chocolate fan! With a passion to design and gift you beautiful pieces of porcelain jewellery!

i've played with clay since pre-school

It is something that has always intrigued me, made me happy. It's mucky, muddy, squishy. I can get lost in the process of designing and making, when I look up I've created something beautiful and unique.

Porcelain is the king of all clays, with its snow-white translucent quality, it just screams beauty and elegance. It looks delicate, but once kiln fired, it has a hardness and toughness like stone. I'm self-taught, so have many quirks to my making, but I see this as a positive.

the style


I concentrate on keeping my pieces feather light and comfortable. I want my jewellery to be loved and reached for every day. I only use 100% recycled solid silver, because no-one wants irritated skin. I also focus on quality and longevity. I want my jewellery to last a lifetime and be fought over in the inheritance!


I take all my inspiration from everything around me, especially nature, whether it's looking in spring hedgerows, splashing in rivers with my kids or getting sandy toes. I owe so much to the Cornish countryside where my studio is based.

Therefore, I want to make sure all my decisions are as sustainable as possible. I want to uphold my beliefs from my geography degree, so let’s save the world together, one plastic free cotton jewellery pouch at a time!

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